VIM ssh without working USB

Hi folks,

Since the USB controller stopped working on my VIM1, I thought of giving it a second life as a kiosk server in my office. The problem which I face now is, I need some image with a installed ssh ability, because all images I tried (ubuntu mate, xfce with kernel 4.9) need to install ssh by terminal with a usb keyboard.

Is there a image out there with a enabled ssh server? Or can anybody provide one? It would be a pitty to throw it in the trash, because otherwise its still working!



@hundsboog Our firmware is pre installed with SSH. I just tested version 0830, which can be used directly.

Oh, well i tested yesterday the credentials with the password “khadas” but is doesnt work. Was that wrong?

Just to make sure i Do everything right:

< ssh ip
Then it ask me for password

I type in khadas but it says password is wrong…

Thanks a lot!!!

@hundsboog Such as this,
When I use ifconfig to read the ip with VIM1.I get the IP is
Then I should connect it by ssh khadas@,password is khadas same to.

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@Frank thanks a lot my friend!!! I just did a typo… Well that happens if you dont take yourself enough time for your hobbies. Me idiot.

Now I can give my little khadas a new life as a Kiosk To-Do list computer for my employees :slight_smile:

Thank you, Frank!

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