VIM sleep

Can you help me? I have some questions about sent VIM into hibernate. I made CarPC on VIM and when I ACC off I push power button on 1 sec. It powers off, blue led had alight. But when I sent power button again, it wakes very long, such as usually powers on. I know that someone make possible, that VIM wakes over that few seconds

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Sorry, I don’t understand well what you said . Can you describe it in more detail?

May be you understand it from this topic? Note this: “goes into a sleep mode after pressing the “Power” button After that Vim1 and Vim2 goes into low power mode through”

Did you power off your VIMs? Can you take a video for me?

When i short push it sleep. But i have voltage on 3.3V pin. What’s wrong?

Can you figure out which 3.3V PIN it is and the voltage value?

Have fun!