VIM random MAC address

does it only happen to me that at each restart I have a different mac address?

I have a vim1 pro with rom ubuntu mate android.

I don’t have your config but i think you can fix this with set environment command.
Using pre-build images have two options: one MAC for all installs from one image or random mac on every boot from same image. Case one is a disaster if you have more than one vims, scenario two is a disaster if you wanna use predefined connection trough ssh for example. In both cases you have to fix/change your mac manually :wink:

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Thanks for the explanation. I could not understand the reason for the random MAC address at each reboot.

For my curiosity but the mac address is not inserted by the manufacturer of the LAN chip? I knew that it can be changed by software but the builder’s always remains the same.

Am I wrong?

You need to burn MAC addresses (LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth) - they does not come as usual (assigned by manufacturer). See this thread.

thanks for the link to the post. I missed it!
unfortunately I do not have much free time to follow this beautiful forum