VIM hardware video decode

Is it possible to decode 2 H.264 videos at the time on VIM3?
I know VIM3 could do 4K+1080P h264 decode. But I can’t find any sample from the website.
Could guys tell me what should I do/know first?

Which os are you asking for?
Linux doesn’t have VPU support yet.

Only possible in Android but hopefully we should have vpu support in kernel 5.10.


@Spikerguy thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I want to use Linux to do this.
Would you know when will kernel 5.10 be released?

It won’t be long, maybe a month less.
Updates happen on Sunday afternoon!


@erbas But now the hardware encoding is ready. Is this right? Because I can find the “Use Of H264 Hardware Encoding Library” under chapter Linux.