Vim 4 Bluetooth Audio stutter

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images,

Official image

Please describe your issue below **

Audio playback via the bluetooth system from youtube or a video/audio file stored on disc stutters at 4-5 minute intervals for 15-20 seconds. HDMI audio stream is not experiencing this problem.

Do you use the lastest image 220620 ? What bluetooth device you used to test? Please make sure you have attached the antenna.

I checked on my side with latest 220620 image on a bluetooth speaker, when playback YouTube video the sound looks good.

I am using the 220620 image and the antenna is installed and securely attached.

I have a Pyle PDU29BU amp. Which works fine with my cell phone, tablet and laptop via bluetooth.

I’m using Firefox for youtube videos/movies and VLC for music on a usb drive.

I can feed the Vim 4 HDMI audio via the optic out of Tv into the pyle which does not stutter.


Hello @redtick85

Have you checked other bluetooth device? As I don’t have the device you used on my side so I can’t check at this moment.

Could you please capture a video about the stutter ?

I did a reinstall of the Ubuntu official this morning.
Here is a short vid with sound via the bluetooth,
It plays fine via hdmi.


While testing:

I have found that if the audio stream is in progress when you make the bluetooth connection the audio will play fine.
If the bluetooth connection is made before the audio stream starts the stream will sutter.

Which command you used to play the video?

I still can’t reproduce on my side with bluetooth speaker.