Video Player problem

Hello friends

Sorry about my bad english, I am brazilian.

I have a problem, I cant to play videos.

First, I tried Kodi (my OS is Ubuntu Mate). Very very slow.
Now I tried VLC, and more problem - screen froze when I maximize the windows.

And this error on terminal:

if you do not mind, flash an android rom and all your video playbacks will be hardware accelerated by the mali 450

I dont want android.

I already have a lot of work to download, install and configure Ubuntu, transmission, sickrage, mono, etc…

fully successful hardware acceleration for video on linux in general and on VIM ubuntu in particular is still a work in progress; librelec seems the less disapointing on but its installation is more complex than the official khadas ubuntu roms for EMMC

Sorry my bad english…

Which the best choice to run Transmission + SickRage + Radarr + one good video player?
Its possible install on android? With good quality and performance?

I tried use Kodi, and was a trash. Very very slow, impossible to use.

I tried other video players (VLC and Gnome Player), worked with very bad performance (including videos low quality, SD).

I want to run Series and Movies with 720p quality.

You can use LibreElec, a very good media manager/player. It can install Transmission if you want (via Thoradia Addon).