Video : Khadas Edge 2 peripherals

Hi all.
I just made a quick video about the Khadas peripherals.
I/O module, case, station and camera.

If anyone has tips on how to fit the case with antenna’s, please let me know. I’m a bit dissapointed there’s no room for them and would have like seeing room for the IO module in the case so SD would be available.
Or sd on the station would be good too…


el Pogo Station! :beer: Go Khadas Make a Storage Pogo Station for us ! :beers:

I must say, I was told before Chinese New Year that there would be a wider range of screens coming for this. Nothing so far. Also the extension with 10/100 ethernet surprised me; why so low? Even RPi’s offer GbE, and they’re not as crammed with newer tech as these are. I ended up going with a USB GbE adapter straight into the board.

Based upon what’s been offered so far in terms of post-launch peripherals, it’s probably going to be on us to make peripherals ourselves. Which is a bit of a shame for convenience, but not entirely impossible. And at least we save money doing it ourselves.

Nico, see this comment regarding the wifi and bluetooth antennae and the case: Bluetooth and wifi antenna - #2 by Frank

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@_brym its slow cause of the pogo pins u probably can add a GbE ethernet port via usb.
The pogo station is neat for its design but maybe the pogo pins are not road for success.
Either way I just wished they had made way for a microsd in that particular station.

yep, that’s the first thing i bought for it. the wifi works fine. but i use my khadas boards as servers among other things. so fast and reliable connectivity is a must.

ah okok yeah seems like a lot of people like tiny boards to give use for servers I like it for my main setup day to day use games webapps and fun eheh