Using upgrade mode

Quick question,
I have Android on my eMMC and would like to boot ubuntu from the micro sd card , does upgrade mode delete the android ?
I would like to boot from the sd card alone and not erase the eMMC image

Could someone assist me in creating a sd card bootable drive i am having no idea how to do so?

You can do this without affecting the current OS installed on the eMMC.
Do you want to use Khadas official images or one of balbes150’s Armbian images? Manjaro and others also exists that can boot/run from SD/USB. Most of these require the user to take deliberate actions to install those to the eMMC, booting/running form SD/USB is usually the default.

You can use a program like Rufus Portable or Etcher to burn images to a card or USB flash drive.
Once the card is made…
Starting with the VIM3 powered, but off.
1.) Insert card in to the card slot.
2.) Press and hold the power button, keep it held and press the reset button for 1-2 seconds, keep holding power button for at least 10 seconds, then release. This will activate multi-boot and then reboot to the OS installed on the card. **
To boot to the existing OS already on the eMMC, remove the card.

**This will only need to be done once. The next time you want to boot the OS on SD card, just insert the card and power on the VIM3.


I have an empty sd card, on the khadas website it refers to something called a ‘bootable SD card’ ,an sd card With a bootloader on it,is that required?

@Electr1 A brand new empty SD card is available. You can refer this page to make your startup card .

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