Using SONCOZ SGD1 DAC driver on KTB


I just want to ask you if it is okay to use newer XMOS driver version from Soncoz SGD1 DAC on my Khadas Tone Board DAC. Both DACs are designed by same person and share similar design… It is working perfectly fine but I don’t know if it is okay to use it because of VID/PID values, maybe they are different for these two dacs…

I won’t work. The Tone Board won’t be recognized by the Soncoz Thesycon drivers.

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We will release Thesycon driver in latest version of V4.86 for Tone1 together with Tone2 soon.

We already completed the driver and we also bought a USB Vendor ID from for the Tone Serial products :slight_smile:


USB Members:

Tips: 0x3353 = 13139 in decimal.


It is working very good but I don’t know if there’s any cons.

Nice, I can see that we will get new driver soon.

Nice, so now Toneboards are recognised USB devices and not just Generic DACs, Splendid! :relaxed:

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woooooooooo great news!!

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