USB serial communication signal interruptions

I hope to use vim3 to receive some high frequency cyclical data (2000Hz 20Bytes) transferred from the arduino via the usb(2.0) serial port with using Pyserial. Well all is good when i use a laptop to receive data with the same code, but vim3 always loses some data continuously from time to time, and this can last for about 100ms+/-.
I think both the usb2.0 interface communication rate and the set serial communication rate (921600baud rate) are capable of carrying these data, so I don’t know why vim3 would have such a big difference in receiving these data compared to a laptop. In fact, when I was testing I had closed everything that might be consuming cpu, including the GUI. Does anyone has the same experience?

Are you on the USB 3 port and have PCIe off?

Hello @foxsquirrel. No actually I used the USB 2.0 TYPE-A port.

Closed. The problem seems to be in the wifi communication. Even though I am using WIFI5 there is still a large delay through rostopic for multiple machines. However, when I save the read data locally it has the same frequency, so the problem does not come from the USB serial port.