USB Hub with power for VIM

On the day I received the first version of Orico USB Hub with power. Here is a description.

Checked use with VIM - it works. The power of VIM is now connected to this hub (I use one of the two red ports for power). As a result, I now have 5 USB ports + an additional port to power the external drive. For example for powering an external enclosure with disks of 3.5 inches from a full PC or for connection to external USB fan great performance (no limit on current). On the body of the hub has its own button on\off switch, what was one switch to turn off all devices. If you just plan to use all the possibilities of this hub, you can enjoy power supply, then the total cost of a set of VIM + Hub will be slightly lower.

After I get the additional screws, I’ll try to post this hub by VIM or can try to pull the Board of the hub from the housing and attach it to VIM with the additional plate of the housing from the bottom.