USB Camera resolution stays to 1920x1080


I am working with my app on VIM3 and one thing I noticed is that camera resolution is not getting changed in my app. But when I tried one of the firmware(VIM3_Pie_V210128) from the site then it was working good and I was able to change the resolution but with my custom AOSP build it remains 1920x1080.

Is there any hard codded value inside VIM3 Pie AOSP for USB camera??

What results did you test with the latest version´╝č

When I connected camera after VIM3 was on then It stayed with 1920x1080 but I connect USB camera before VIM3 was on then I was able to change the resolution through my App.

I guess it is connectivity issue. Right??

no ,when vim3 is booting, if a USB camera is inserted, and the program will obtain the list of resolutions supported by the camera

okay, got it.