USB-C port to connect from PC

Hi guys!,

I am wondering if it is possible to connect through USB-C cable from a PC to a Khadas box and viceversa. Has anyone tested this?


Jorge V

it works, but requires a bit of hacking. see my experiments in this post for more info: How to use the OTG port in device mode

in this case I was trying (and succeeded) to configure the vim2 as a CDC_EEM device to do ethernet emulation over USB


Thanks for your answer @g4b42. Do you think is possible to acomplish this keeping the power in the same cable?.


Jorge V

Yes, but recommend a USB3.0 port from your computer/PC side to ensure enough power supply.


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Hi @Gouwa, thanks. Is there a manual, post or documentation related?


Jorge V

You can read the information from Khadas Docs.

Have fun!

yes, I’ve been using this mode with a powered (ie. yellow connector) USB2 port on my laptop.

otherwise you can also power the board through the GPIO header

Or the USB adjacent to the C connector.