Upgrade via usb-c failed [Vim1]

What do you mean when you say “Vim1 in a case”?
My vim 1 using the stock housing, not modifying anything.

@peerobo I was preparing a 4.9 kernel Ubuntu eMMC image for you, those Krescue images are really old… (Nearly 8 months!)

@RDFTKV says that cases make a gap between the port and the connector… so it might cause the connector to fall out, and drop the connection


Thank you very much.

Yes, like most USB cables, when the cable is connected, the power pins are engaged before the Data pins, so a cable may supply power, while having an unreliable data connection.
I don’t think the VIM 1’s original case, the acrylic sectioned case(pictured), has the issue as it is open in the back. Though it is a good idea to insure the HDMI cable’s headshell does not exert force on the USB-C connector.
If available, try a different cable anyway.

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@peerobo the image is ready, You need to login to Github to access it… you can download the zip file from here:
VIM1-Ubuntu-4.9-eMMC-20200827 Firmware


How can I write the .img file to emmc in krescue? Could you please show me?

You can’t write *.img files to eMMC in krescue, you need to convert to the *.kresq file format…

I shall see how I can provide it to you…

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if you don’t know, ask Hyphop

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So far, using VIMx.Ubuntu.mainline.5.5.xfce.bionic.test.emmc.kresq (18.04) my vim1 can boot now, not the desktop environment though. I will use this for now.
Really love to try new Focal Fossa ubuntu but that will be later. And I think I’ve done with usb-c upgrade method, krescue is more comfortable to use.

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@peerobo I think, if you take the Firmware zip file I provided, unzip it, and copy the VIM1-Ubuntu-4.9-eMMC-20200827.img file and compressed it to a *.img.gz file…, you can theoretically just put it into krescue and flash it to the eMMC…

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When I have free time, I will try your suggest. Thank you for help.

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you first check it yourself that it works, and then offer it, using the example of vim3 that you have, otherwise the person will lose even more time because of you

You can ask @Hyphop himself, if you doubt the procedure…

what does Hyphop have to do with it, if you suggest

He suggested the method himself…

buddy, re-read what is written there

It is clearly written,
its simple raw image compressed by gzip or zstd

what part of it do you not see ?

I will ask in a different way, have you tried this method that you described?

what do want from me buddy ? do want a video with the full proof ? Fine I will give you a video with proof…
are you okay now ?

don’t worry, I just asked, no more, I don’t need your videos