Updated SuperSU, now trying to flash the DualOS firmware

Okay, so I just got my Vim 2 yesterday and it was working fine. This morning I updated the SuperSU binaries. I have since learned that was a bad idea. So of course it is now stuck on the boot screen. So, I figured I would “flash” the dualos firmware, which I had planned on doing anyway. But now my most pressing problem is that I can’t get the Vim2 to boot into update mode. I have tried holding and pressing the keys as instructed, but it is not showing up on the USB burning tool. Is their something else I can try to get the dual boot flashed?

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I was finally able to get it to boot into update mode. I had to hold the power button, for about 5 sec. before it would work for me. I still wasn’t able to get it to show up on my main pc. After I restarted it, it seemed to fix my problem. So overall, everything is working now.