Update kernel to 5.13 is this okay to do Ubuntu 21.10

I realize the issue with RPio and need to get the VIM3 on the same kernal (5.13) as the PI4B so we can migrate over to the Khadas VIM3 platforms and use lg in C. We are using lgpio and this will not run on kernel version 4.9.x.

Please, any suggestions regarding this?

@foxsquirrel You can set the mainline kernel to 5.13 buy yourself. you can refer this

At the same time, on our board, the best fit is wiringpi

Thank you for the link, now I need the link to the instructions of what to do with those files on github. Looked and cannot find where to place them.

Did create an image with 4.9 and that worked.

Update: found it and did get 5.16 going, thank you.