Underclocking VIM2


I’m planning to use my VIM2 as a media center (probably Kodi), but I’m not a fan of fans (cooling fans that is…). I think the VIM2 should be more than enough to fill my needs, so I thought that I could manage with a lower clocking/voltage and then not need any additional cooling.

Is there an option to underclock/undervolt? I would prefer Libre Elec dual booting with Ubuntu if possible.


In current Ubuntu underclocking is possible, I am not experienced enough to see if undervolting is possible.

Default governor is interactive, my VIM2 idles at 100MHz and has no additional cooling: the device control tree /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq exists so modifying cpuinfo_max_freq and/or scaling_max_freq is easy.

I think you can just put a heatsink on VIM2. :wink: