Unable to detect new toneboard in mac and windows

i just received my toneboard from Khadas official supplier on aliexpress. Connected the usb-c cable to my macbook pro but the dac did not show up in the system preferences. Switched to my Imac …same thing. then rebooted to windows 10 in bootcamp and after the initial ping an error showed up that windows device has not been recognised… any help will be appreciated.

Hello, Are you using a USB-C to USB-C cable?
Note: The Tone Board’s USB-C port is USB2 protocol.
Another Mac user used a USB-C to USB-A adapter to get TB working.

no first i tried the genuine khadas usb cable usb-c to usb-a which powers up the board but does not appear in the mac or windows. I also tried the usb C to Usb-c which did not even power up the board

Problem solved. New USB cable provided with toneboard was defective. Found a mobile cable which worked perfectly.

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