Unable to boot Ubuntu from external HDD

Thanks, I managed to boot it actually to ubuntu now with following steps.

  1. hold on power button
  2. plugged the power to wall plugin
  3. pressed reset button shortly
  4. holded power button for about 10 seconds and released it

–> I got the ubuntu login to serial port

So docs in Keys Mode (U-Boot is Running) work for booting regular ubuntu iso from SD card. at

I was just little confused when that page mentioned the “run update” command in the end. But I think that is just needed if booting rescue image instead of regular ubuntu(or some other distro) one from the sd=card.

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And where is the ubuntu image burned? On SD card or on USB HDD / SSD? I tried to run it from Android using script.zip file, but without any success. I can try that method you have described, but i don`t know if it works with SD card Ubuntu or with the USB boot as well.

@vimuser The docs have some explain with it . If you don’t add a SD Card or U-disk and connect you board to PC via use-c port , you will boot into upgrade mode , then you can reburn the images with PC . If you pulgin a SD Card or U-disk and not connect you board to PC via usb-c port, you will boot into SD Card or U-disk