Unable to boot some images (openwrt)

after some playing with khadas vim3l
i am able to boot to android and another linux xfce image but no way to boot into openwrt
i did manage to install and boot the openwrt image in past but now for some reason its looks like something is wrong
see pictures attached


please help

Hi, I see you installed from Krescue, I think hyphop can help you, please include his nickname in your message. Good luck!

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Is this using the latest Krescue image ?

1 of sep version for vim3l

also tried older version, no success.

Hi, tomorrow will be a working day, I hope Hyphop will tell you

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is it a bug?

boot problem for openwrt and krescue - was fixed 3 days ago :wink:
Krescue images same was updated

no luck here yet…

Do i need format emmc? build partition table manualy?

I didnt understand you problem

if u need write openwrt to emmc

  1. download latest krescue image https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/Krescue/system/
  2. write krescue to sd
  3. start krescue and install openwrt

if u need start openwrt from sd just write sd images https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/openwrt/