Unable to boot from sd card

Dear friends,
Sorry to bring up this topic again.
I am unable to boot ubuntu from my sd card as i do so i am getting the following error,
Please be kind to tell me what to do.
Thank you

Try with different sdcard, maybe you have corrupted one?


Hello, If you attempted to do this using the Android update app, this does not work anymore.
The new method to activate multi-boot is to use the keys method. See here.


@Electr1 Did you modify the DTB file? IYou need to set up the corresponding DTB file first.

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Thanks RDFTKV,
It perfectly worked and now i can run ubuntu perfectly i had been previously using the android update mode which didn’t work but keys mode worked perfectly

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I did the same thing you did.:slightly_smiling_face: That is how I found out the old method no longer worked. I am sure the change was written somewhere, but I must have missed it.
Glad you got it going.

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