UHID kernel config off for edge latest ubuntu image

Hello, my Bluetooth touch display isn’t recognised after bluetooth setup on Edge v max but works fine on vim3 ubuntu image. I looked into the kernel config file in /boot and found the difference in UHID is set to =y in vim3 image but not in edge image.

Please recompile images in dl.khadas this should not be a user preference right?

@Qali-Buds You can use fenix to build yourself firmware.

Yes I can which would require me setting up an x86 device to do. While many of us simply want to Flash official images. And according to my understanding that’s a feature ur average user need. So it would helpful if all average person features were turned on by default.

@Qali-Buds We will add this option in the next firmware release. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait for our next firmware release. thanks for your advice.

@Qali-Buds Or I will compile a firmware in these two days and send it to you through the network disk

Thank u so much. While u r here, what other configs need to be on to enable typec dp mode and audio . Cause with ubuntu that doesn’t work either.

@Qali-Buds I think you should patch the configuration you need to open. I don’t have enough time here to study what should be configured

hello…any chance of getting that compile?

@Qali-Buds You need yo give me the patch which configuration did you enable or disable . Then I can help you compile

Input the UHID option pls. A currently downloading this kersque 5.9 rc2 image . I wonder if it got UHID option enabled. Only that option bro I need it urgently.


That’s it

@Qali-Buds I will share you a download link tomorrow.

Please please am waiting on this urgently

@Qali-Buds Sorry, the previous two days happened to be the weekend. What network disk did I send you this firmware through, can mega?

I don’t understand you, if you wondering which source I got this from … I use the latest build through kersque online service

Using ubuntu desktop 5.9 rc2 I think on kersque

@Qali-Buds I send the firmware to you in some way, can the mega network disk be used?

@Qali-Buds https://mega.nz/file/so4nFIaZ#LoXm8ZYdSKXhYOFRx9dlqkkfeA5bXXSeimpKhtV0zZk

thanks alot frank but may i ask you to share a newer link ? i accidentally corrupted the image i download trying to compress it to img.xz.

@Qali-Buds I have deleted it from the network disk, the space on the network disk is not enough, I need to share other files with others…Have you not downloaded it before?