Ubuntu20 下 Mali-G52/MP4 GPU 驱动

@Spikerguy, what about colors? In my case red and blue was swapped.

Yes you can see in the first picture most are yellow or green but its usually blueish green in my htop.

So yes the colors is swapped.

After i’ve switched to gentoo - all colors became normalized.

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I didn’t yet figured out what is different now.

Probably sowftware versions (in gentoo: xorg-server-1.20.8, mesa - git-master, wayland-1.18.0, wayland-protocols-1.20, weston-9.0.0), works the same way as ubuntu: wayland- any user and Xorg - under root, all colors are correct.

windowed glmark score is the same:

vim3 ~ # glmark2-wayland 
    glmark2 2014.03
    OpenGL Information
    GL_VENDOR:     Panfrost
    GL_RENDERER:   Mali G52 (Panfrost)
    GL_VERSION:    2.1 Mesa 20.3.0-devel (git-b07b943f30)
[build] use-vbo=false: FPS: 470 FrameTime: 2.128 ms
[build] use-vbo=true: FPS: 465 FrameTime: 2.151 ms
[texture] texture-filter=nearest: FPS: 767 FrameTime: 1.304 ms
[texture] texture-filter=linear: FPS: 869 FrameTime: 1.151 ms
[texture] texture-filter=mipmap: FPS: 804 FrameTime: 1.244 ms
[shading] shading=gouraud: FPS: 327 FrameTime: 3.058 ms
[shading] shading=blinn-phong-inf: FPS: 345 FrameTime: 2.899 ms
[shading] shading=phong: FPS: 315 FrameTime: 3.175 ms
[shading] shading=cel: FPS: 319 FrameTime: 3.135 ms
[bump] bump-render=high-poly: FPS: 128 FrameTime: 7.812 ms
[bump] bump-render=normals: FPS: 888 FrameTime: 1.126 ms
[bump] bump-render=height: FPS: 758 FrameTime: 1.319 ms
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
[effect2d] kernel=0,1,0;1,-4,1;0,1,0;: FPS: 624 FrameTime: 1.603 ms
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
[effect2d] kernel=1,1,1,1,1;1,1,1,1,1;1,1,1,1,1;: FPS: 293 FrameTime: 3.413 ms
[pulsar] light=false:quads=5:texture=false: FPS: 814 FrameTime: 1.229 ms
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
[desktop] blur-radius=5:effect=blur:passes=1:separable=true:windows=4: FPS: 144 FrameTime: 6.944 ms
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
[desktop] effect=shadow:windows=4: FPS: 482 FrameTime: 2.075 ms
[buffer] columns=200:interleave=false:update-dispersion=0.9:update-fraction=0.5:update-method=map: FPS: 122 FrameTime: 8.197 ms
[buffer] columns=200:interleave=false:update-dispersion=0.9:update-fraction=0.5:update-method=subdata: FPS: 125 FrameTime: 8.000 ms
[buffer] columns=200:interleave=true:update-dispersion=0.9:update-fraction=0.5:update-method=map: FPS: 126 FrameTime: 7.937 ms
[ideas] speed=duration: FPS: 158 FrameTime: 6.329 ms
[jellyfish] <default>: FPS: 419 FrameTime: 2.387 ms
[terrain] <default>: FPS: 19 FrameTime: 52.632 ms
[shadow] <default>: FPS: 173 FrameTime: 5.780 ms
[refract] <default>: FPS: 27 FrameTime: 37.037 ms
[conditionals] fragment-steps=0:vertex-steps=0: FPS: 912 FrameTime: 1.096 ms
[conditionals] fragment-steps=5:vertex-steps=0: FPS: 785 FrameTime: 1.274 ms
[conditionals] fragment-steps=0:vertex-steps=5: FPS: 845 FrameTime: 1.183 ms
[function] fragment-complexity=low:fragment-steps=5: FPS: 806 FrameTime: 1.241 ms
[function] fragment-complexity=medium:fragment-steps=5: FPS: 773 FrameTime: 1.294 ms
[loop] fragment-loop=false:fragment-steps=5:vertex-steps=5: FPS: 864 FrameTime: 1.157 ms
[loop] fragment-steps=5:fragment-uniform=false:vertex-steps=5: FPS: 880 FrameTime: 1.136 ms
[loop] fragment-steps=5:fragment-uniform=true:vertex-steps=5: FPS: 627 FrameTime: 1.595 ms
                                  glmark2 Score: 499 
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Gentoo on the VIM3 ?

Yes, why not? Of coure i don’t use emmc for compiling. :wink:

wow, I haven’t seen a Gentoo image for the VIM3 till now :smiley:

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Quickly converted from Gentoo image for Rpi-4, with vim’s u-boot and kernel. Fresh enough for testing :slight_smile:. And imho it’s the friendliest distro for developing/testing :wink:


Mesa git have bifrost support now but it is very unstable.
Some screenshots here.

Will have to wait some more time to get stable release of panfrost for bifrost support


Also works with Xorg under non-root user.








5系列的内核因为有Panfrost驱动,就不需要X11环境的GPU库 libMali.so吗?