Ubuntu with Linux kernel v 5.7 problems

Hi all,

I downloaded the ubuntu images with 5.7 kernel for VIM3 and they do not work. I also built it from source and I get the same malfunctioning.

What happens is that when booting linux the screen has very weird colors when showing the boot log and it keeps showing weird colors all the time.

Moreover, USB Keyboard and mouse don’t work so I cannot test any further.

It all works with both android and linux 4.9, either the downloaded images or when I build from source.

Did anybody notice the same?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi, I think how you understand the software is in development, judging by your description, maybe someone from the Khadas team will give you more information :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, I believe this involves a conflict with 5.7. Have you tried clearing the eMMC?
I will look for more info on this when I get to the tech.

I guess you must have Android or Ubuntu in the eMMC ? You need to erase the eMMC to fullly boot form the SD card to fix the color issue.

Some users report this issue too, but I can’t reproduce on my side, you can try to erase the eMMC, this may fix the USB issue.

Execute the command in u-boot command line:

store init 3

Anyway, I’m preparing 5.9-rc1/rc2 now, and will add GitHub Actions build support, at that time you can download a fresh build with latest kernel.