Ubuntu UBoot for VIM2

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to create a Khadas VIM2 Server via UART. I already did this for the VIM1 and everything worked fine.
When I tried the Nougat UBoot and updated to the ubuntu server images the uboot can’t mount the ext2 filesystem (for obvious reasons).

I don’t have a Windows PC or native Linux machine here (need to fire up an EC2 instance on Amazon) and having a vim2 uboot for ubuntu would be great, since I could reproduce my VIM1 setup.

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Hi th3ki,

The uboot for Ubuntu is different from Nougat uboot, you should try branch ubuntu.

$ make kvim2_defconfig
$ make -j4 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu-

Thanks for the fast reply!! :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I currently can’t compile the uboot on my own.
Why is this not on your firmware download page? This would make things so much easier.

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Hi th3ki,

Here is the u-boot for VIM2.


Thanks! Do you also got an SD-Version of that one?

I struggle with dependencies on my AWS-Machine for the last 7h trying to build my own ubuntu-uboot for the VIM2 … meeh. Maybe I should start from scratch and fire a Ubuntu-Machine up instead of using my Debian Stretch.

Anyway, I’ll try to boot from Nougat-SD-UBoot and then burn your file manually.

Beside that, I really think it would help, if everybody could find that version on your Firmware-Download-Website.

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Everything is up and running now. Thanks for your support.

Just to let you know what I did:

  1. Setup UART Communication
    I just use “screen” with 115200 baud on my USB2UART-Device.
  2. Wipe emmc as mentioned in the documentation.
    Vim# store init 3
    If you start the VIM2 now, you should just see some cryptic information and no bootloader at all. Your VIM2 will now boot from SD card.
  3. Create a bootable SD-Card from the VIM2 Nougat UBoot
    Follow: http://docs.khadas.com/bootcamp/CreateBurnCardViaCLI/
    Don’t copy (cp) any files on the card.
  4. Copy the u-boot.bin from numbbq on that card.
  5. Boot from the SD-Card and burn the bootloader as mentioned in the documentation.
    kvim# fatload mmc 0 1080000 u-boot.bin
    kvim# store rom_write 1080000 0 100000
  6. Reboot the device without SD-Card and check if the bootloader is working
  7. Put the Ubuntu Server Image “update.img” and creation script “aml_sdc_burn.ini” on the sd-card.
  8. Modify the “aml_sdc_burn.ini” so that the bootloader is not wiped when the “update.img” is written to emmc.
    Change “erase_bootloader = 1” to “erase_bootloader = 0”.
    Get the image from here: http://docs.khadas.com/basics/FirmwareResources/
    You’ll might also need to download a uboot file, since they contain the creation script: “aml_sdc_burn.ini”
  9. Put the SD-Card back into the VIM2 and reboot it. Watch how the image is written into emmc. This may take a while.
  10. Follow the instructions (CTRL-C when finished) and enjoy your VIM2 as Ubuntu Server after reboot.

If the khadas staff would supply a Ubuntu UBoot VIM2 SD-Card Image on their firmware download site, the procedure would be much easier.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,