Ubuntu server ROM linux mainline V170624 pre-alpha version[EMMC INSTALLATION]

I think Balbes posted it here:


i am readyto replace my home made ubuntu only emmc with mainlines uboot +kernel ubuntu server. if only there was a way to do this simply with the usb burner tool under windows…


So I guess USB support never materialized in mainline? I wasn’t clear who was working on it :stuck_out_tongue:

isn’t it khadas who should (work on making mailine support kvim1 and 2, thru resilent patches) ?

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I’d think so b/c I’m not sure how the community can do this step without them. They claim to still support the kvim 1… but I don’t know

I read somewhere that BayLibre was hired for the first part (the OpenGL support) but maybe not the USB part

Is this in the works @Gouwa ?