Ubuntu Server EMMC install fails

I’m trying to burn the Ubuntu server image from downloads but the EMMC burn fails. Has anyone else seen this?

need more information from you

@stephens Which one firmware you used ? share us you download link .

Thanks, I’m trying the image VIM3L-Ubuntu-server-bionic-Linux-4.9_arm64-V0.8.3-20200415.eemc.kresq. Here are some screenshots (only allowed to have one per post) with that last showing the [burn MF ] FAIL.

@stephens Which is you board model? VIM3 or VIM3L ?

It’s the VIM3L board

@hyphop artem will help you about krescaue

Hello, I do not have the VIM3L, so these are just some generic suggestions.
Are you running Krescue fom an SD card? If so, try a different card, freshly formatted. Also, if you downloaded the ROM via Krescue, try instead to download the appropriate kresg file directly from here, copy the file to the Krescue card before booting and try to flash it again.
Good luck.

In the event you would like to try a different method to flash your VIM3L, many of the same Krescue firmware images(.kresq) are also available as images(.img) intended to be used with the USB Burning Tool, the USB-C to USB-A cable, and a Windows PC, those images can be found here.

OK! i will check today

other suggestions !! maybe failed sd card -

  1. try just start krescue from sd card
  2. eject sd card
  3. goto to write image (its work in ram without sd cache - maybe its was problem)
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Can you try getting the latest Kresue image from the download link, If in case your using an old img you will face this problem.

From my experience latest images are not compatible with older version of Kresque.

Hope this helps.

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yes its same true use always latest krescue images

Thanks everyone for the help. I burned an SD with the latest kreqs and was able to install the Ubuntu image!

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