Ubuntu Mate with Linux-4.9 ROM V170605 [EMMC INSTALLATION]

Everything more or less works great, but there are two things i would like, to be able to use it as a media player with Kodi 17, and have flash enabled in Chromium browser.

I forgot to mention one more thing, to be able to change screen resolution.

There is still a lot of work need to be done, but it is still an start, see here linux mainline kernel 4.12-rc4 for more info.

Are you guys doing something for mainline kernel support of Khadas VIM?

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finally got the time to check out this build… good job, now just waiting for gpub drivers.

Can you provide pin mapping for all the pins? Or are only 2 pins available at the moment?

It only 2 pin available at the moment. If you want to use another pin,you need to modify the dtb at Linux source code

Any info about new update, i see you released Android and Ubuntu for Vim2.

Hi Tommy21,

We will release a new update for VIM soon.


will it use a mainline kernel with working usb,ethernet,wifi,serial console, bt and hardware accelerated video playback ?

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Hi ravelo,

It still will be linux 4.9, not mainline kernel.

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Last time you’ve said that, we needed to wait 2 more months for update.

If hw acceleration isn’t working, then i don’t even see a point of releasing it.

You didn’t even try to fix serious Android bugs, last Android update was in june, and 3 months after that my Nougat system ui is still stopping, i can’t even use it as a media player!!!

I am sorry if this words look harsh, but i am tired of your false promises, your only answer that you are so sorry for that, i want actions, not false promises, Vim will soon be 1 year old.

I’ve had high hopes about Vim, and now i do regret buying it, i could have bought a regular Android box, but i wanted Linux on it, so i have chosen this board.

If it isn’t possible to get hw acceleration working because of Arm, why don’t you say this, you are deceiving your customers, that isn’t fair.

try @kszaq LibeELEC release. I am using it few months without any issue here and is playing all sources which i have…