Ubuntu change display resolution HDMI

When I created new mode and added for my display “default”, I choose this in GUI, but I get an error in the right corner:
could not set the configuration for CRTC 622
distr: VIM2_Ubuntu-xenial_Linux-4.9_mate_arm64_EMMC_2018-05-31
output: HDMI
display: 3.5" LCD module with HDMI(:


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Hello krian,

Yes, you can’t change the resolution for kernel 3.14 & 4.9.

You can try the mainline kernel (4.19), it works.



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Hello, Numbqq

Is there any solution to the problem with screen resolution such as 1280x1024 ?

on the VIM2 Ubuntu-xenial Linux-4.9 mate

Only without reinstalling the system