Ubuntu 20.04 on Edge2

Is it possible to put ubuntu 20.04 on an edge2 SBC?

For our purposes it would be very convenient, as ROS Noetic is only supported for ubuntu 20.04. Using ubuntu 22.04 would mean us building ros from source and ensuring all packages of interest (sensor drivers, etc) are compatible.

Have you seen this post

I know building ros from source is a possibility, we were hoping to avoid this, if possible, as we have many packages to migrate.

Might just have to look for old hardware that will still support 20.04. It does not seem like SoC manufactures are going spend any of their time on getting an older OS up on a new board. It is very time consuming and requires programmers that have experience doing that.

I don’t know any thing about your RoS community, only suggestion would be to possibly reach out to crowd funding to see if enough interest exists. If so find a company to build the board to your exact needs. Then also get it in the contract that they will support one or two more LTS versions of the OS for the board they are going to build.

Another SBC vendor has 2) PRU (programmable realtime units) on board, this configuration might be much better. It makes the board more deterministic or not depending upon what is required. At the present we are testing them for systems level functionality and have not yet done any testing on PRU.

Hello @mnissov

Here is a Ubuntu 20.04 test image.


Please follow the documentation below to install the image.



Thanks so much, we’ll give it a try

Hi, the first link is invalid. Can I download it anywhere else?Thanks a lot!