Two questions about NPU Toolkit on VIM3 board

Dear technical support team,

We have purchased your VIM3 boards and have questions regarding releasing software source code developed for VIM3 boards that use your software toolkits. Our purpose is to let anyone use our software framework freely while using NPU-enabled boards including your VIM3 boards. Thus, your customers can enjoy what we release as well.

Q1. May I release (via LGPL 2.1 and Linux Foundation) my own source code that use (but without any modifications) your software (,,, and

Q2. May the released sourced code (via LGPL 2.1 and Linux Foundation) describe and call (1) the functions you have defined in the “case code” generated by the toolkit and (2) the functions you haved defined in the toolkit library?

  • (1) The functions defined in the “case code”:

    • vnn_ReleaseNeuralNetwork( )
    • vnn_PreProcessNeuralNetwork( )
    • vnn_PostProcessNeuralNetwork( )
    • vnn_CreateNeuralNetwork ( )
  • (2) The functions defined in the acuity-ovxlib-dev/include/vsi_nn_types.h

    • vsi_nn_VerifyGraph( )
    • vsi_nn_RunGraph( )
    • vsi_nn_GetTensor( )
    • vsi_nn_CopyDataToTensor( )
    • vsi_nn_CopyTensorToBuffer( )
    • vsi_nn_DumpGraphNodeOutputs( )

Ultimately, this will allow users of VIM3 and similar hardware to utilize NPUs more easily and efficiently. However, we’d like to check if this work won’t have any legal problems.

@leemgs What is the purpose of your release code . I’m not sure you can do that . I think it can be done

@Frank, Thank you for your reply. The purpose of our release code is to append more additional functions (e.g., vnn_*** and vsi_nn_*** APIs) into the “case code” based user-space application code. In this case, May I decide a license clause of the application source code freely among the lots of licenses such as GPL, LGPL, Apache, BSD, MIT, and so on?

@leemgs I think you can be done . There should be no problem .

@Frank, I have one more question. Can I declare one freely among the lots of opensource licenses (e.g., GPL, LGPL, Apache, BSD, and MIT) when I try to upload my modified application source code based on the “case code” at

@leemgs I don’t know … I don’t know if you can do that