TVS WC103 USB Web cam is getting freezed on VIM3


I’m working on a project which requires USB webcam to be connected with VIM3.
When I try to open that webcam from my website then it crashes the chrome browser.
So, I tried with camera application as well but in camera app also it gets freezed.
Does VIM3 support 30 FPS webcam?

My camera has following specs.

Resolution: 1080p
FPS: 30
1.4M USB Cable
Built in Microphone.

VIM3 supports USB cameras, but I’m not sure if it supports your webcam. you can check whether there is a / dev/video node when you plug it in

Yes, I can see dev/video0 under dev.
Which is my webcam node.
But still when I try to capture the video it gets freezed in between.
How do I find right webcam for VIM3?

How to find right webcam for VIM3??
Is there any criteria?

Could you please help on this?

There is no criteria, you can try a few more USB cameras, such as Logitech

Okay, will try different camera.
But one strange thing I have noticed with chrome browser.
I was testing my webcam on on chrome and it did not find my camera but when I tried with mozilla firefox then it was able to detect my camera.

I feel there is something wrong with google chrome.
I tried different versions as well but same thing happened with all the versions.
Is google chrome is not stable for webcams??