TS050 VIM3L Android resolution

I might have missed it somewhere but can you change the screen resolution for the TS050 display on the vim3L running the most recent android version? Everything is so small!

Hello! if I’m not mistaken, this should have been fixed in the new version of android

Yeah, I believe you can increase the App icon sizes, @Terry was talking about that, something like increasing Font and Icon Size

Here is the information…

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Thanks, I cant find any setting I can change in android…
Not sure how to change it in the source code either, better get reading to figure it out!


I don’t have a display yet, please specify what resolution do you want? the only thing that I can still advise you is there are android applications that can probably help you

@tobia TS050 just support in VIM3

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@tobia Hello , I am so sorry . I got it wrong . TS050 supports VIM3L too.

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