TS050 touchscreen support on Armbian 23.02 Jammy (Khadas VIM3)


I have installed Armbian 23.02 Jammy on CF card with TS050 touchscreen connected to VIM3, but there is no any information on the TS050. Onboard Android9 working fine (touchpoints and screen).

Is there any way to make it work (I mean device tree overlays configuraton, may be)? What linux distributive already have native support of TS050 touchscreen on VIM3 and touchpanel of course?

And one more question:

I have planning to create simple python programm for touchpanel (TS050) detection (4 button for running different scripts). I think that I will need to display graphical information of buttons and detect their presses.
Please advice any information about display graphical information and touchpanell detection.

Currently Mainline linux doesn’t support the usage of the TS050 touch screen on the vim3.
there is an undergoing effort to make that work soon.

until then, only HDMI output works