Truck dashboard

is there a screen dimming option?
during the day i would like it brighter than at night.
Thank you for the help

tschultz, would you mind taking a moment to let me know which momentary relay or switch you bought and if you found a solution to dimming the screen?


The brightness setting in Android is not working on the latest Android 9 ROM. Dimming apps exist, some allow dimming by time set, I have not tried one on the VIM3.
As far as I know, the VIM3 does not have photo sensors to detect light levels, maybe a sensor could be added to the GPIO, but that is speculation.

tschultz list the DEI 582t as the programmable momentary relay they are going to use.

“tschultz list the DEI 582t as the programmable momentary relay they are going to use”

Thanks. I am thinking of using this MOMENTARY PUSH BUTTON:

If I connect it to the XPWR pads will it work to power the VIM3 on and off?

I would think any momentary, normally open(off), switch would be fine. A switch that becomes closed(on) when pushed.
Not much data on the switch you linked to. SPDT suggests it can be “Normally open” or “Normally closed”. So should work as long as it can work as a normally open switch.
Not sure if you could use the illumination ring, depends on the power demands of the switch’s illumination circuit. If illumination works at 5v and less than 500mA, the GPIO 5v could provide the power. Then the ring would illuminate when the VIM3 was on, and go off when the VIM3 was off.

Update, just checked the XPWR pads for function. I used tweezers to simulate the switch. As expected, a press turns on the VIM3. Once on, a quick press puts it to sleep, a long press brings up the power dialog box(Power off, Restart, Screenshot).
FYI I set my VIM3 to stay off when power is applied, as I assume it might be in a mobile environment.

Thank you for all that info. I found a 12 volt version of the switch I linked earlier that can be NO or NC and will take 3 to 6 volts on the LED so it can be powered by the GPIO.

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Hey. May I ask how long does it take to booting vim3?

I’ve never timed it but mine boots up in about 15 seconds or so.

Thank you for using? LINUX? ANDROID? Or…

Android for now. Volumio later when it becomes availale.

this will be the screen I use. I have a way of mounting the buttons so you can use them

the circle are for:
turn singles
check engine

Just an Idea of a lay out

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Do you know how far apart the POGO Pads are?
This connector looks to be 2mm? Center to center. Will this be a good choice?

Is this safer than solder?
I read that the board is very sensitive to heat

I have looked for the pad spacing in the documentation but was unable to find it. I will measure center-to-center on the pads, but I won’t be with the VIM3 for several hours.

I mentioned that excessive heat could damage the PCB, but this is true for practically any modern PCB. If you have experience with soldering, it should be OK. However, if you are new to soldering, I would try to find someone with experience, or an electronics repair shop, to solder leads on to the XPWR pads for you.

Proper tools and materials should be used, such as flux+electronics solder or solder paste, as well as a temp controlled soldering iron or hot air. That being said, someone with soldering skills could do it with a regular pencil type soldering iron.
If you have an interest in soldering and you have the tools(not expensive), it is not so difficult. Plenty of Youtube videos to help learn soldering, I assume. Find some old disposable electronic devices and practice soldering until you feel comfortable about your ability.:slightly_smiling_face:

I have no experience with the silver adhesive you linked to. Personally, I would be reluctant to use an adhesive. Among other things, adhesive could complicate rework should the area need work. Devices mounted in a mobile environment can be subjected to vibration, impact energy and sustained high heat, I have no idea if that adhesive would hold up well in that situation. If it conducts adequately, it might work, while I would not try it, the decision is yours.

Anxious to watch as your project advances. Layout looks great.

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thank you for the advice. I have some experince with soldering. The $100 i paid for the board makes me doubt myself. I will try though.
I must say this has been my best “forum” experince.

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I recived my VIM3 today and got right to it installing my apps and customizing.

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