Touch Screen Hdmi Display on VIM3 Pro

Hello Khadas Support Team,
I recently got dfrobot 12.5 inch 4k ips touch display (shows up as Aosiman, ASM-125UC on Windows PC) for my VIM3 Pro! Display works fine at 4k 60p resolution, but unfortunately touch doesn’t work on both android and linux?
Please help me out setting up touch support for both android
and linux! I need touch support for android urgently! Display works absolutely fine with touch fully working, when connected to windows11 or linux mint on my PC! But touch never worked on VIM3 Pro?

Looking forward for prompt response,

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Seems that we should rebuild the linux kernel and add the driver for the touch panel.

@giriraj7 are you able to build the firmware by yourself? We can guide you if needed.

Will a generic touchscreen driver work with this
Display? Are there any Ubuntu sd card images
with generic touchscreen drivers? Worth giving a try at least! What about android? How to get touch input working on android pie?

@Gouwa I am having similar issue as @giriraj7 is there specific driver for the touch panel that needs to be added ? Can you please guide us?

Finally, I got touch Input working on both Android, Linux as well as on Armbian! What I did was updated all operating systems to their latest versions available on khadas server!
I guess all mainline kernels have generic touchscreen driver inbuilt and my display seems to be supporting that!
The issues I am facing are that I am getting max 4K 50Hz on linux and armbian, @superceleron on android pie v8 debug I am getting 4K 60Hz, but 4K 60p HDR
videos are not working? Constantly changing and flashing display mode from hdr to normal?
Videos play normally as soon as I disconnect the usb touchscreen input? Hope he fixes this in his next version update!
Is there any way I can get 4K 60Hz and touch input working at the same time? Any help will be greatly appreciated!