Total newb to Khadas - replacing my rpi server

So i’m looking to replace my rPi server, which mostly NAS, with khadas, as it seems to be most reasonable option, probably vim2 32gb.

Now my questions:
What heasink to use?
If I use fan will it be always on or only turn on with certain temperature?
I found some ubuntu server here, so can i flash it to emmc and will it always boot just the ubuntu, no androind etc. Is it really server without xserver edition and stuff?

Hello, On VIM2, Khadas Android has temp-based fan speed and on/off control. Also, user @balbes150 has developed a temperature-based fan control script that runs on Ubuntu. Both assume fan is connected to VIM2’s Fan header. I have yet to mount a heatsink, but many of the RPi3 sinks may work or any 25×25×5mm should do.
Sorry, cannot answer your server related questions.

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Yes, Ubuntu server ROM is build for eMMC installation, and boot just ubuntu.

What do you mean here?

Im not sure why you would want khadas for nas server. The strength of khadas is video decompression, basically as media player. The official os released for khadas is not really stable and widely supported. Rpi is a better choice for nas than khadas. If you feel that rpi is not fast enough for you, im sure you would not find khadas perform better. Between rpi and khadas for nas, i would choose rpi. But if i want media center, khadas or odroid would fit the bill better.

Emmc, episode sdcard is not stable, running rpi from HDDwould mean always powered on hdd