Tone2 Pro Gain High

Good morning, I wanted to know after upgrading to version 1.30 there should be three gain states but I only have the low and the pre-amp.

I wanted to know how to solve it or is it normal?


Hi friend, the high-gain mode will be between low and pre-amp. You may have turned the knob too fast and missed it.


Good morning, the model is the first version and I will have to upgrade to 1.2 because that must be the problem.

I’ve already tested it and it only has the two low modes and the pre-amp has none in between.

Ok. I understand you now. Yes you have to upgrade both types of firmware, MCU and XMOS.

This first:

Then this:

If the MCU and XMOS firmwares are of incompatible versions, you will see odd behaviour. :smiley:

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