Tone2 pro button 1 / push on linux

I’ve usually got the tone2 in it’s startup mode, rotation = volume and that’s mostly what I want.

usually by accident, actuating the button-1 function will start playing a video in whatever browser window is open to e.g. youtube. Since I just want to listen to music, this is jarring and I don’t see it documented as how it should work.

Is this something I can change in the Tone interface? I have no idea how the Push actuation is being sent to my X-11 session / browser.

Thanks if thougths!


Hello, Welcome to the community. This video from the Khadas YouTube channel demonstrates button function. The Tone 2 Pro User Manual is here.
A single button push from the default mode will send a pause or play HID function to the USB connected device. It maybe possible to disable the Volume button’s HID function in Linux. It has been done for Windows, sorry, not sure how this would be done in Linux.

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Yes, the T2P with standard HID protocol support and works for most OS like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android …