Tone Board with Raspberry Pi 1


I have a technical question. I purchased the Tone Board recently, and I am thinking to plug it into my mOode system working on Raspberry Pi 1 via the USB port (the very first B hardware version - it’s still working fine and is pretty sufficient for streaming eg. TIDAL - I use it with the headphone output, likely the SPDIF connection would be working fine too). The RBPis’ 1 USB port delivers maximal current up to 500mV so it’s very close to the power requirements of TB. Do you have any experience with such a combo? Do I risk frying RBPi or/and TB?

As an alternative: if I power the TB with an external power supply, via pins 1-21, may I use the usual USB-C cable to connect RBPi with TB? I am afraid that the common data-power USB-C may be redundant or dangerous for the TB. I looked at a thread in this forum but I am still not sure. I do not have USB-C data cable, which would be certainly more safe.

Also, please excuse my ignorance: which would be the best software/OS for streaming music and controlling the VIM1+TB from an Android phone?

Many thanks for your feedback.