Tone Board not recognised in Win 10 or Pi4b with ropieee


I have just purchased a KTB, after a good hour fiddling around i could not get the KTB power light to come on. I then dug around and found a usb multi cable with a usb c on one end plugged this in to the Win 10 laptop and this works but Win 10 complains ‘USB device not recognised’ but the light now comes on. Then tried also plugging an Apple usb-C to USB adapter in and this also lights but still the KTB not recognised. Tried reinstalling the driver multiple times and the upgrade driver, to no avail. Is anyone able to help with this please? Have I perhaps got a dud board or is it that the Apple adapter and multi cable cannot pass ‘data’ only power? Thanks

Hello, The USB-C port on the Tone Board is configured as USB2.0. A male USB-C cable to male USB A cable like this one by Khadas is best. Some Mac users here have been successful in using a port adapter to use USB-c port on their Macs to USB A female.

I would advise you to check the Tone Board on a device where drivers are not needed, and as you said another cable and power supply, you need to check different options :slightly_smiling_face:

@RDFTKV Hi, thank you for your response. Perhaps the Apple male usb-c to usb a adapter doesn’t work on a windows machine as you say. I registered a faulty cable with the supplier, hopefully they will send a replacement, once this arrives I’ll try again :+1:t3:

@Vladimir.v.v thank you, I only have the Raspberry Pi4b running ropieee as another device so not sure I have anything else relevant to test with. As the khadas supplied cable is faulty I’ll wait for a replacement and try again as it may well be that the other usb-c to usb-a adaptor is not compatible. Fingers crossed it’s just the cable

Hope it works out. Keep us posted.

Hi All,

It was indeed a faulty cable! Thanks for the help again. All up and running now and working perfectly through the pi4 with ropiee :slight_smile:

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Hi. I too plan on using Tone on a Pi4 with Ropieee XL. How are you liking it so far? Do you have to use the usb cable, or is the signal transmitted via GPIO? And, you may or may not know the answer to this, but I’m thinking to stack two tone boards to one Pi4, to send signaks to two amps. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

hi, both options are working

You may use USB cable, or I2S port

you can do different manipulations, everything works quite flexibly there

Hi - I’m using the usb cable now, really impressed with the sound I use as a headphone amp set up with Roon, I have hifiman sundara headphones and really pleased with the sound :smiley:


Happy that you are pleased with the performance

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Hello! good news buddy! if you have questions, please contact


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yes, at any time!!

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