Tone 2 Pro - Does not recognise Iphone

Just received my Tone 2 Pro, have used it this morning with my PC and headphones and works perfectly. Want to use my iPhone as the music source (tidal) and it simply does not recognise that I have plugged a lightning cable into the iPhone!! (Connected to 5v Voltage on I2S and a USB-C to lighting cable that I got with my latest Iphone).

Can somebody please let me know what to do???


Hello, I have no experience on Apple devices. The only thing I saw was in the manual’s FAQ section, it mentioned a specific Apple cable, “Apple C78-USBH Lightning to USB-C…”.
The Khadas Team is on Spring break until Feb20. A better answer for your question will come with their return.

The 1.0m USB-C to Lightning Audio Cable comes available now: