Tidal, Qobuz , possible without volumia?

Hello Khadas, is Tidal, Qobuz, spotify , possible to install without use of volumia?
and directly to use with Tidal or spotify app?

is the I2s output on the pcb board possible for I2s input on external da converters?
and plays 24 bits on this i2s / HDMI output?

thank you very much for the help


Welcome @denvd1
if you plan to use Android on your device, you can install those respective apps as you music streaming service, volumio is just a firmware dedicated to Audio playback, there is nothing that confines those app to it…

to use the the sound output between I2S GPIO pins or HDMI output with your own external device, you will need to switch the Audio output from within the device settings, hope it helps


Hi Electr1
thank you! :wink:
but i believe on Android the output is limited in bitrate?


@denvd1 it is an android specific thing, bit rate changes depending on the app environment iirc

Hello! if you have the main Android OS, as far as I know all these APKs exist. No, it does not limit the bitrate. Good luck!

Hi Vladimir and electr1 ,
ok looks very promising , :wink:

then it is a nice streamer for music … i will try it!

thanks !!