The ubuntu desktop built (Sep. 16th version) does not have audio working

I had the Sep. 16th version Ubuntu desktop image file downloaded via the Oowow for my Edge 2 device. Installed the ubuntu and it seems to be working fine except the audio.

The desktop top-right corner has the audio volume control bar available, but it does not really turn on any sound for me. I further checked the settings → sound → output → output device. There is only one option in the audio device list - which is “Audio Jack”.

I am using an HDMI cable to connect my Edge 2 device with my Samsung monitor. The HDMI cable definitely works for carrying sound as I used it for my Windows PC and laptop.

Any idea why the Edge 2 Ubuntu desktop does not have the sound working out of box?

Does they provide Ubuntu20.04 Desktop version?

*EDIT: Sorry, misread your question. No it’s a 22.04 image, not 20.04

Yes, you can choose desktop or server from oowow. Builds are the original relase ones from mid September

Weird, after a night, the system has more items show up in the Audio Output dropdown. Now I can see these following options:

  1. DP Output
  2. HDMI Output
  3. Audio Jack
  4. Combined HDMI + DP Output

I can see the HDMI Output has reactivity while I play some youtube video. It seems there is a sound coming out through the HDMI Output, but I just can’t hear anything. The device is connected via DP cable → HDMI → Monitor → Speakers.

Can you check with a HDMI or DP monitor? It should work.

Tried the connection between the device and the HDMI directly, still no sound.
I also tried my bluetooth wireless headset, made the connection in ubuntu, but still not able to hear anything.

Weird thing happened.

  1. I connected the device with USB-C for Display Port hub, it wires to a hub with has Ethernet cable and HDMI cable leading to my monitor. This connection does not provide me any sound.

  2. I connected the device directly with HDMI cable to my monitor, this was not working, but after I rebooted the machine, the audio started to work.

We will check with the HDMI on the DP hub.

Have you checked other HDMI monitor? We can’t reproduce on our side.

Tested on another HDMI monitor, the audio works fine.

I am using ubuntu 22. Pulse audio is on automatically and was not picking up hdmi in the Settings it only listed dummy. I terminated the server using the drop down on the bar. Then in settings it showed hdmi. Hope this helps.

Yeah, I have the same problem. Even the audio is working now, it does not pick up the current available output source. For example, I am switching between HDMI and DP as the display output. The system does not memorize the last selected audio outpout setting, or it does not detect which output source is currently available and automatically switch to it.

Hi @chj915

So you mean when you switch sound card to HDMI and then unplug the HDMI cable and connect the DP display But the sound card still remain to HDMI and not switch to DP automatically,right?

Does this a normal feature on the X86 genetic PC? We will check how it works.

I see what you’re saying. I’m not sure where this lies exactly but it sounds like an Ubuntu issue. I never use the pulse audio and I’ve used Linux since they added it. So between Ubuntu or pulse there has to be some config. The only other thing I can think of is the khadas isn’t actually picking up the change. I have usbc and hdmi. I’ll check mine and see if i can play with the connections and audio.