The program is not supported

Hi! Why the program is not supported Ambient light Application for Android. Vim3.

@zappa1919 the VIM3 doesn’t have an ambient light sensor, so it cannot detect the sensor data, hence it may not be supported

You need to tell in more detail what you are failing, what firmware and from whom, in what applications you want to use, etc.

When you install Google, the message is not supported by your device. I cant even install the program. firmware khadas android last, superseleron b6.

on beelink king gt, the program is installed and works partially.

As far as I know, it works differently on Amlogic than on MTK, but still some applications can be configured.

I know that Amlojik has a limited program. But I would like to install it first. On Amlogic S922 after all, the program is installed, but on Amlogic A311D does not.

@zappa1919 you can try to swap the android build.prop file
it will change some settings in google playstore and allows you to install the app suitably perhaps…

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You may have success using a different app store, like Aptoide. I think superceleron’s ROM already has Aptoide installed.
But as Electr1 stated, if the app requires a light sensor, it won’t work no matter where the app comes from. While the GPIO could be used to add a light sensor, I do not know what it would take to make it work with apps.