The Android 7.1.1 has no choice 5GHz Hotspot

Khadas Vim v1.2 RAM2GB/EMMC16GB.

Yes, we’ve proved the issues you feedback, will try to fix it up in next release.

Thanks for you feedback again!

Hello @Gouwa,

Android 7.1.2 has no choice for 5 Ghz Hotspot also.
I tried the latest ROM VIM2_Nougat_V171028.

When do you plan to release a new ROM with 5Ghz Hotspot support?

It shouldn’t be.

Which VIM2 model do you have? You need make sure the Ethernet working first if you are using VIM2 Basic.

For Pro or Max models, you can use the RSDB function.



I have VIM2 MAX.
Ethernet connection is on.
Wifi connection is off.

When I enable Wifi Hotspot with WLAN/RSDB, no device (Android smartphone, laptop) can find this Hotspot.
When I enable regular Hotspot all devices can find Hotspot, but it is limited to 2.4 Ghz.

How my devices can use 5 Ghz Hotspot?

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