TFTP Boot with VIM3


I need some help in using TFTP boot. When I try to save env variables in uboot, it fails with error get partition info failed !! in the wiki it says to write a DTB first what does that mean…?

I am using uboot 2015

@numbqq Can you please help me in this…?

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@Archangel1235 Please provide full information.

@Frank Thanks for the reply
I want to try tftp boot… So I burn a ubuntu image on EMMC (4.9 kernel, uboot 2015)
The dev console was connected to PC using serial - usb connverter
while booting I interrupted booting by pressing enter…

now I have setup tftp server in my desktop PC and kernel files in the TFTP folder when I set the device and server IPs and try to save env I get the error error get partition info failed !!

also I am not able to access my tftp server after setting device IP and server IP