Supported Linux kernel

I see vim1 product that supported linux kernel is 5.0+。
Is it 5.4 Linux kernel supported?
where can we get the linux kernel source code ?
@Frank @numbqq

The upstream linux support VIM1, you can find the source code in official Linux repo.

Vim1 support this version of kernel?


I try to browse all the documents,but I cannot found the compile method of kernel/uboot.
can you tell me the compile method of kernel/uboot for vim1?
I want to find the compile method of kernel/u-boot method,Thank you

Please check here:

This Document has been checked,but I want to know the command of building kernel/uboot,not use the fenix. Please let me know that, Thank you!

Use Fenix is the easiest way to build U-Boot & kernel, anyway, if you don’t want you can follow the steps below. We don’t maintain 5.4 kernel, if you want to use the 5.x kernel, we suggest you to use the latest release.

Mainline U-Boot:

Mainline Linux:

$ make ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- defconfig
$ make ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- Image dtbs

Note: You need to setup the toolchain youself.

It’s great!Thank you!