"su" issue while trying to access GPIOs

Hello, I’m trying to access Gpios with wiring pie library on android Edge V board.

the following line:
Process mProcess = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(“su”);
gives an error: “Khadas access Gpio was denied superuser rights”

What needs to happen so this will work permnanetly?

Thank you in advance,

Maybe @goenjoy will help you on this.

What specific commands do you need to run?

I want to control GOIO’s from an android app.
same functions as instructed here: https://docs.khadas.com/edge/HowToAccessGpio.html
I’m using wiring pie demo, but it’s unable to access anything (error executing this line) without su rights, and an app doesn’t seem to have any. So how can i control it exactly through an app?

You can manually fill in the patch here. There is a demo app for reference.

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