Stretched Bar Display LVDS 40 pin to VIM3

Hello. how can I connect a screen with LVDS 20 pin or eDP 30 pin to this board?
on the likeness of this or similar screen 14.9"

for music player/server

Hi, I think there are some differences from the original interface from Khadas, eDP / TP connectors are required.

@cibercut that resolution is not supported by the VIM3, please try consider using the TS050, or some other display with a VESA resolution only,

VIM3 cannot support non standard resolutions,
also with your own display, you will need to obtain your own display panel drivers, compatible with linux, and it can get a bit hectic if you don’t know what you are doing,

so please stick to the given constraints :slightly_smiling_face:

I would recommend that you completely take ammunition from the Khadas company, in any case, you will definitely have fewer problems.

This screen might have the controller already(as seen in the pics)
So you can connect via HDMI, I believe.